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Camille Roth
Faculty / CNRS
Camille is tenured full research scientist at CNRS in computer science after having been Associate Professor in sociology at Sciences Po Paris. His research focuses on the description and modeling of socio-semantic systems, in particular the digital public space and scientific communities, using Social Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing. He founded the team in 2012.
Telmo Menezes
Postdoc / CNRS
Telmo is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and its applications to the Social Sciences. He is broadly interested in the interplay between human and artificial intelligence in the digital public space. His research is currently focused on representations of knowledge for claim and belief propagation analysis.
Antoine Mazières
Postdoc / CNRS
Antoine is a post-doctoral researcher in the computational social science team of Centre Marc Bloch. He has a mixed background of social sciences, computer science and statistics. His most recent published works were on history of artificial intelligence and the use of machine learning in discrimination studies.


Jérémie Poiroux
PhD student / CNRS
Currently PhD student in sociology at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris) and at Centre Marc Bloch (Berlin), he study the design and impact of algorithms in the organisations.
Katrin Herms
PhD student / CNRS
Katrin pursues an interdisciplinary PhD project in sociology linking social network analysis of polarized Internet communities with face-to-face Interviews. Her main interests are discourse analysis and social dynamics emerging around political issues in France and Germany.
Katharina Tittel
Master Student / Sciences Po
Katharina interns at the CMB and is a master student at Sciences Po Paris, with a concentration in Europe and Methods. She is broadly interested in using socio-semantic network analysis to better understand opinion formation and the structure and dynamics of (online) communities, especially in a political context. Her research project at CMB studies the possible existence of a pan-European digital public space on Twitter during the European elections.
Quentin Villermet
MSc & Engineering student / Lyon 1

Master's student in Artificial Intelligence, Quentin's interests include bio-inspired AI, statistics and network infrastructure. As an intern at the CMB, he works on music recommendation algorithms and their impact on the listener's practices.

Jonas Stein
Master‘s student / Utrecht University
Jonas studies Sociology and Social Research with a focus on agent-based simulation and social network analysis. He is interested in how diverse communities impact individual and group outcomes. For his research project at CMB, Jonas analyzes user confinement in Twitter networks.
Karina Almeida
Master Student - Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Master student in European Urban Studies at IfEU (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), Karina has a background in architecture, urbanism and sociology. She is interested in how the internet has changed the way we experience the city. She currently researches civic networks (online and offline) that challenge the influence of ICTs on urban space.

Ehemalige Mitglieder

Sébastien Lerique
Now Post-doc, IXXI
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Lou Charaudeau
Now Data scientist, EDF R&D