Team presentations at Sunbelt 2020

The Sunbelt virtual conference, INSNA’s flagship international conference on social network analysis, took place online during July 13-17, 2020 and where the team presented two communications and one poster.

Telmo Menezes introduced his work with Camille Roth about a natural language representation model called “semantic hypergraphs” which enables the extraction of information from free text, including for instance identification of claims, conflicts, and beliefs of actors. Nikita Basov and Camille Roth presented their tribute to John Mohr based on their article published in Poetics as “The Socio-Semantic Space of John Mohr”, addressing the visualization of sizable hybrid socio-semantic networks of co-authors and concepts surrounding a given scholar. Finally, Jonas Stein, Jérémie Poiroux and Camille Roth presented a poster largely based on Jonas’s masters internship work about the intersection of user’s structural and semantic confinement on Twitter.