Research positions

Position as Early-Career Researcher
Centre Marc Bloch / CSS Team

We are opening an early-career researcher position for up to three years, targeting applicants with some years of postdoctoral experience in economics or sociology with specific expertise in ICT-related research. Deadline: February 28, 2021

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Doctoral fellowship
ERC project Socsemics

One doctoral contract is offered in the context of Socsemics on the modeling of socio-semantic complex systems (dynamics of socio-semantic clusters) and the automatic processing of text corpuses (appraisal of opinions and stances, beyond topics). Deadline: March 8, 2021.

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Future doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships
ERC project Socsemics

Positions in information visualization geared towards hybrid socio-semantic data exploration will open later in 2021. Candidates directly relevant to the topics of Socsemics may nonetheless feel free to spontaneously contact us at another time.

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Research internships

User confinement in online communities (SNA and info-viz)
ERC project "Socsemics"

We open up to two internships under the supervision of Camille Roth. For the first internship, applicants should ideally be achieving a master’s degree in computer science and related fields (e.g., applied mathematics); prior knowledge of network theory and/or online data collection is desirable. The second internship targets students in information visualization and information design.

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Automatic Hypothesis Generation for Network Growth Models
ERC project "Socsemics"
We open up to two internships. Candidates should be achieving a Masters Degree in Computer Science and related fields. Beyond a sufficient knowledge in Computer Science, desirable skills include in particular : algorithmic complexity and graph theory, network science, machine learning (especially evolutionary computation / genetic programming), as well as python and its common scientific libraries. Ability to innovate autonomously is expected.
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