Étude Signaux Faibles

You are being or have been asked by Alexia Pronesti and/or Jérémie Poiroux to be in the following study.

About the study

  • Title: La conception et l’usage d’un outil d’aide à la décision : le cas Signaux Faibles
  • Co-authors: Alexia Pronesti (Master student at EHESS) and Jérémie Poiroux (PhD student at CNRS/EHESS)
  • Supervisors: Dr. Francis Chateauraynaud (EHESS) and Dr. Camille Roth (CNRS)

The purpose is to study the conditions surrounding the use, the design and the implementation process of algorithms, softwares, services or programs which may be used for decision-making helping or automation. This is a very contemporary debate related to algorithmic power, transparency, ethics and, more broadly, to the effects of computer programs in organisations like companies or public administrations. Part of the research relies on anonymized interviews with practitioners, managers, engineers and staff members who could help shed light on the use and the conception workflow of those programs. Ultimately, this research may be presented as, ia., papers, communications, a Master and a PhD thesis.

Your participation

I am willing to participate to the interview proposed to me in connection with the research project “La conception et l’usage d’un outil d’aide à la décision : le cas Signaux Faibles”; led by Alexia Pronesti and Jérémie Poiroux. I have been informed of the objectives of this research described above. I have been informed, I agree with and I understand that:

  • The collection and access of personal data is limited to the exclusive use of the co-authors and their supervisors, within the objectives explained above;
  • Audio records will be transcribed using Trint which relies entirely on automated language processing, and guarantees that no one but us will have access to the data;
  • All collected data will be secured with encryption measures in an offline storage and online on a encrypted cloud based in France (Zaclys);
  • We will pseudonymize the transcripts before any analysis takes place. E.g. “Marcel Mauss“ will be replaced by “participant_3” in all our subsequent analyses. Product names and organisations will be pseudonymized as well, unless with have your explicit consent.
  • As the project is built for sociological research reasons, the data will be stored for the lifetime of the project until five (5) years after the end of the study;
  • In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, I will be able to have access and, if necessary, rectify or delete of my data. To do so, I can send an email to jeremie.poiroux [at] cnrs.fr.

Consent form

To give your consent, please follow these steps:

  • Download the blank consent form;
  • (Preferably) Fill out and sign the form from your computer;
  • (Or) Print, fill out, sign and scan the form;
  • (Preferably) Upload the filled form just below;
  • (Or) Send us the form at jeremie.poiroux [at] cnrs.fr

Thank you very much! All the best, Alexia and Jérémie