Dr. Camille Roth
Faculty, CNRS
Camille is tenured full research scientist at CNRS in computer science after having been Associate Professor in sociology at Sciences Po Paris. His research focuses on the description and modeling of socio-semantic systems, in particular the digital public space and scientific communities, using Social Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing. He founded the team in 2012.
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Dr. Laurent Romary
Faculty, INRIA
Senior researcher at Inria in the ALMAnaCH team, Laurent carries out research on the modeling of semi-structured documents, with a specific emphasis on texts and linguistic resources, where he also leads or takes part in major standardisation activities at ISO or the Text Encoding Initiative.
Dr. Telmo Menezes
Researcher, Centre Marc Bloch
Telmo is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and its applications to the Social Sciences. He is broadly interested in the interplay between human and artificial intelligence in the digital public space. His research is currently focused on representations of knowledge for claim and belief propagation analysis.
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Dr. Antoine Mazières
Post-doc, Centre Marc Bloch
Antoine is a post-doctoral researcher in the computational social science team of Centre Marc Bloch. He has a mixed background of social sciences, computer science and statistics. His most recent published works were on history of artificial intelligence and the use of machine learning in discrimination studies.
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Dr. Sébastien Lerique
With a strong mathematical background and further training in cognitive science and sociology, Sébastien studies the way pieces of information and representations are transformed as people interpret them and publish them anew in online spaces, in particular blogs.
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Mohamed Khemakhem
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Jérémie Poiroux
MSc student in information architecture at the ENS of Lyon, Jérémie is interning with the team towards the completion of his master thesis, and participates in AlgoDiv. He focuses on sociological issues raised by recommander algorithms and filter bubbles. He plans to pursue as a PhD candidate.
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Kexin Ren
Master student, ENS Paris
Research master student who loves playing with various data! Studying in Cognitive Science (Modeling) at ENS Paris now, she is experienced in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Natural Language Processing. She has been a research assistant in University of Alberta dealing with massive air traffic data. After finishing the internship in Centre Marc Bloch, she hopes to start her career in Data Science and NLP areas.