Camille Roth
Camille is Associate Professor in computational social science at Sciences Po as well as a tenured full research scientist at CNRS with a dual profile in sociology and computer science. His research focuses on the description and modeling of socio-semantic systems, in particular the digital public space and scientific communities, using Social Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing. He founded the team in 2012. CR
Laurent Romary
A senior INRIA researcher, Laurent carries out research on the modeling of semi-structured documents, with a specific emphasis on texts and linguistic resources, where he also leads or takes part in major standardisation activities at ISO or the Text Encoding Initiative. He is currently one of the directors of the European DARIAH eInfrastructure. LR
Post-doctoral researchers
Anne Baillot (DARIAH)
Anne was a junior research group leader in German literature at the Humboldt-Universität before becoming an Expert in Digital Methods for the Humanities at the Centre Marc Bloch. Her research focuses on correspondences and textual co-production. She also develops concrete action lines aiming at better cooperations between research and cultural heritage institutions as well as trainings in digital publication methods for the Humanities and Social Sciences. AB
Antoine Mazières (AlgoDiv, LISIS-INRA)
Antoine is a postdoctoral researcher interested in fairness, accountability and interpretability in machine learning algorithms. One of his field of inquiry at AlgoDiv is suggestions made by Google while searching. AM
Telmo Menezes (Algodiv)
Telmo is a computer scientist specialized in Artificial Intelligence and its applications to the field of Digital Humanities. He is currently a CNRS postdoctoral researcher, engaged in the development of Graphbrain, a tool combining Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Graphs. TM
Sébastien Lerique (EHESS, Algopol)
With a strong mathematical background and further training in cognitive science and sociology, Sébastien studies the way pieces of information and representations are transformed as people interpret them and publish them anew in online spaces, in particular blogs. SL
Jérémie Poiroux (ENS Lyon, Algodiv)
MSc student in information architecture at the ENS of Lyon, Jérémie is interning with the team towards the completion of his master thesis, and participates in AlgoDiv. He focuses on sociological issues raised by recommander algorithms and filter bubbles. He plans to pursue as a PhD candidate. JP
DARIAH management
Anne Grésillon, DARIAH Chief Organisation Officer (COO)
Anne manages the financial, administrative and legal activities of DARIAH-EU and supports the DARIAH Board of Directors in all related matters. She joined DARIAH in November 2014, after working at the “Partenariat et Valorisation” department of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Marseille. She provided assistance on administrative, financial and legal aspects to researchers setting up collaborative projects, grant and patent applications. AG
Marco Raciti, European Project Manager
Marco is responsible for supporting and managing national and European external funding for the DARIAH ERIC. He has a background in political science, European affairs and project management. Before joining DARIAH, he worked as European Project Manager at ARMINES (MINES ParisTech) and at CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in Paris. MR