Text mining tools for Digital Humanities @ CMB

This workshop will take place on Dec 18, 2013, from noon to 4pm in the Georg-Simmel-Raum at Centre Marc Bloch. Its objective is to put together a community of practice around textual information extraction and visualization tools, mainly on the Berlin scene and closely related to Centre Marc Bloch.

It will cover topics such as the identification of structures in texts (named entities, relational properties, pattern detection) and to the navigational/playful approach to text visualization, featuring demonstrations of platforms such as GROBID (GeneRatiOn of BIbliographic Data), graphbrain (enabling the automatic assignment of relational statements to a variety of sources) or PulseWeb (for the phylogenetic reconstruction of news corpora) and CorTexT (socio-semantic description of scientific networks).

The material object in the digital world

The second workshop of the Einstein-Zirkel “Digital Humanities in Berlin“, in which the CMB-Digital Humanities team takes part, will take place on Oct 11, 2013 from 2 to 7:30pm at the auditorium of the Grimm-Zentrum der HU Berlin. The event will focus on the role and position of the material object within the digital world – in other words, how artifacts are being dealt with in a “digital humanities” framework.

The full description may be found here and the may be downloaded here.

Twitter hashtag : #dhb_2

Politics of algorithms : Workshop of the ANR Project “Algopol”

The first workshop of the Algopol project is going to take place on September 24-25, 2013, at Centre Marc Bloch. The project focuses on the understanding of how information is being filtered and sourced on the Internet and its various communities — including blogs, forums, online media of the French and German digital public spaces, as well as mainstream platforms such as facebook, twitter, or wikipedia. Ultimately, Algopol aims to deconstruct (in order to reconstruct) some of the algorithms underlying Internet information filtering.

The program of this workshop is available here.

Competence Centers in Digital Humanities in Germany – Case studies and perspectives for Berlin

The “Digital Humanities in Berlin” group organizes a workshop on the role of Digital Humanities Competence Centers. The workshop will take place at the Humboldt-Universität on June 28, 2013, with the friendly support of INRIA, Centre Marc Bloch and DFG. The discussion will focus on the situation and condition of Digital Humanities within national and international research landscapes. It will also aim at evoking the potential and possible strategic role and function of a Berlin-based competence center.

The workshop will be first in a regular series, to be followed in October 2013 by a workshop on “Object, Image and Information Interfaces”. The detailed program may be found on the “Digital Humanities in Berlin” ‘Einstein-Circle’ website.

Location: Festsaal der Humboldt Graduate School Luisenstraße 56, Berlin-Mitte
Twitter hashtag : #dhb_1

Digital Humanities today: infrastructures and tools, corpuses and case studies

Centre Marc Bloch will be organizing a two-day workshop on Digital Humanities on Apr 23-24, 2013. It aims at providing an overview of the various areas of the so-called ‘digital humanities’, presenting a selection of tools and infrastructures readily available to social and human science scholars, as well as several case studies from a wide range of disciplines where digital tools and methods have been successfully used.
The workshop will feature three sessions (Apr 23 afternoon, Apr 24 morning and afternoon) and will be geared towards interactive discussions between speakers and the audience.

See the final program here.

Presentation slides may be downloaded here.